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Logger cutting wood with chainsaw



  • Safety Pruning: prune out any dead, dying, or dangerous limbs/branches that present a potential hazard

  • Crown Thinning: selective pruning throughout the canopy of the tree with the removal of any rubbing and crossing branches to prevent future branch failure. Thinning also allows more light to filter through the canopy, as well as reducing the wind sail

  • Clearance Pruning: pruning out or reducing out branches to provide clearance from buildings, other trees, lights, etc.

  • Crown Raising: pruning some of the lower limbs in order to raise the canopy of the tree for various reasons--clearance for vehicles and people allowing more light for under planting and to buildings

  • Reduction Pruning: pruning branches to reduce the length in order to maintain the tree at a desired size. There are limitations when it comes to pruning in order to prevent the stress of the tree

chainsaw cutting wood

Tree Removal

ArborWorks is trained and experienced in removing trees from commercial and residential settings. We evaluate the risks carefully and create a detailed plan to safely and efficiently dismantle the tree piece by piece. If necessary, we implement the use of rigging equipment in order to safely remove the tree if it is in close proximity to another building, swimming pool, cars, garage etc. 

We use the most up to date equipment and latest tree climbing techniques to ensure we are both safe and efficient.

ArborWorks is a Louisiana-based tree company providing a wide range of services to business owners and homeowners. We are known for our high quality arborist consultation and tree care services. We pride ourselves in caring for your trees and property as best as possible. Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out a form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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